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On your dashboard you may read news posted by site robots and by other users, and you may also post your own messages that will be visible to your friends.
Messages you post will be visible to your friends, and they will also be visible for users as well as for site visitors on your own homepage.
If you wish your messages to spread then it will be a good idea to find a number of friends on oli.lu.
You can prevent posts from being posted on your public homepage by unchecking the related checkbox when composing a new message.
You may also decide to make a posts visible to registered users only.
You may post messages up to 255 characters long, and your messages can also contain links or e-mail addresses for examples. Click on the help (bulb) icon in the "New post" box to see available options.
Click the "link" button to easily add a link to some other website to your post.
Click the "photos & files" button to easily add photos or other documents / files to your post.
Click the "video" button to easily add a YouTube video to your post.
Photos and files can be instantly uploaded in the "New post" box. Uploaded images will be stored in the public > microblog folder in your "Photos & Media" area. You may also delete or edit files directly in your "Photos & Media" area.
You may also like, comment and share posts.
You can delete your own posts, and you can also delete other users' comment under your own posts.
You can remove other users' posts from your own microblog, but you may not be able to remove certain posts created by site robots.
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