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oli.lu features its own messaging system, which allows communicating with other platform users without sharing private e-mail addresses.
  • On the start screen you will see all of your current conversations with other site members. LEDs will indicate the status of each message:
  • A red LED tells you that you haven't opened or read this message yet.
  • A yellow LED indicated that you have opened or read this message already.
  • A green LED appears if you already answered the latest message in this conversation.
Messages are organized as conversations by default, although you may optionally also display your messages in list form.
  • "Compose message" allows writing a new message to another platform user. You will have to enter the user's username (not his or her real name).
  • "Setup" allows creating separate mailboxes (only useful if you're receiving lots of messages) or signatures that may be displayed at the bottom of your messages.
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