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If several classes of a school use the platform, then it makes sense to combine these virtual classes into one virtual school, as this will simplify the exchange of data and information.
Whoever creates a virtual school automatically becomes the administrator of this school. Additional teachers can be added as additional administrators.
In your role as administrator you should make sure that all information about your school is entered correctly and that the list of your classes is always up to date:
You should make sure that your school's settings are correct.
You should make sure the list of your classes is correct.
You should also make sure that your school website (s) are updated.
With the school assistant you can fulfill almost all of your tasks as administrator at once:
Check the basic data of the school and improve if necessary.
Specify the school website, which will then be available across all virtual classes.
Specify common holidays and public holidays for all calendars of all virtual classes.
Check the names of the teachers and improve if necessary.
Remove classes / teachers that no longer belong to this school.
Establish a common structure for documents, which then applies to all classes of this school.
The school assistant will be available for the 2020/2021 school year for the first time! So at the moment you have to check the settings manually.