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As admin you should make sure that the information about your school is always correct, as this information is automatically taken over by the virtual classes of your school.
You can find the settings of your school in the "School" web app of your virtual class, this is on the start page of your virtual class in the third row.
Go to your virtual class and then click on your school.
If no school is shown here, you can now create a new school.
As school administrator you should see a yellow box "Administration" in the lower left corner, click on the yellow edit button of your school there.
On the "Overview" page you can see the name of your school. If necessary, change this name to the actual name of your school.
As soon as you have changed the name, this name will be displayed in all virtual classes.
Also on the page "Overview" you can enter the website (s) of your school, which will then be displayed on the start page of all virtual classes, so that teachers and pupils always quickly find their own school website (n) come.
As soon as you have entered the website (s), the corresponding links appear in the top right of the start pages of all virtual classes.
Under "Holidays" you should enter the holidays and public holidays that apply to your school. This data is then automatically transferred to all calendars of all virtual classes.
If the teachers of your school work with their virtual classes, it makes sense to have a common file structure in all classes of your school, especially if there is a common school website.
The easiest way to set up such a structure for all virtual classes is via "global favorites", so that the same "favorites" folders appear on the start page of the file management in all virtual classes of your school.
The "global favorites" are also taken into account in the virtual class blog.
Go to the "School" web app for the "Documents" page, and then click on "Global favorites & rules", here you can specify them:
You can specify that the "public" and / or "public / blog" directories should be automatically offered in the blog (we recommend using at least one of these two options).
You can specify that either a date or a name should be used as the default subdirectory in the blog (we recommend using one of these two options).
On the same page you can then enter up to 8 different global favorites for all your virtual classes under "Virtual Class". You should specify the following for each favorite:
Name of the folder (as it should be shown in the virtual classes).
area ("public" if your blogs and websites are public, "documents" if all photos should be password-protected).
path (for example "website / _schoolyear_")
The variable "_schoolyear_" in the path is automatically replaced by the current school year, e.g. "2020_2021". So a new folder is automatically created every year, which helps to enormously improve the file structure in the virtual classes.
AutoGen (you should turn this on, then the directory will be generated automatically if it is missing in a virtual class).
If your school is connected to a school website via the virtual class, you can also enter global favorites on the school website here.
Global favorites within the school website enable teachers to save blog photos directly in the file structure of the website instead of locally in their own virtual class.
This can be useful if e.g. All teachers should also save blog photos in a common area, for example for common school activities.
A simpler alternative to this is to create a separate virtual class without students, in which all teachers can post on cross-school topics.
If you need help with your school setup, don't hesitate to write to support!