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Overview is a versatile and powerful online platform on which teachers and students can generate worksheets and online exercises as well as manage texts, documents, projects, tasks, work plans and many other contents.
Information for parents
What can my child do on the platform, what should I know about the platform?
Information for teachers
How can I learn online with my students, what is the virtual class and how can I work with it?
Information for students
What can I do on and how do I behave correctly?
Information for school administrators
How do I make sure that all teachers in my school can use the tools on and how do I create a school website?

Security and data protection

Regardless of whether you are a student or a teacher: Before using the, you should read the information on security and data protection, and you should also look at the rules of the platform!
If you use the platform, you automatically commit to complying with local, regional, national and international regulations, regulations and laws!