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For parents

What is is a free e-learning platform for students, parents and teachers.
Schools, municipalities or districts can also license the platform for their own purposes. For example, the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg with a separate version for all schools in the country.
With the platform, teachers, students and parents ...
generate individualized worksheets and online exercises,
Create content within your virtual class (texts, images, projects, ...),
Manage goals, tasks and weekly schedules (virtual class).
In addition, teachers can e.g. maintain a class book and blog, create a class website or even a complete school website.

How can I register as a student?

Pupils can create their own user account on
Attention: In most countries you have to be of a certain age to be able to create a user account on a platform.
If you are not yet old enough to create your own account, then your parents can create a user account and then possibly give them access via the family function.
Teachers can use their virtual class to open user accounts for their students. Both the virtual class and the user accounts can possibly be operated anonymously in order to comply with any data protection guidelines or laws.

Security & data protection

Students are not allowed to pass their password on to anyone else, please read the information on the page on security - Thank you!
Students can of course share their password with their parents, and parents can also log in with the password to review their children's content.
Attention: If you log in as a parent with the password of your child during school time, it may be that your child is automatically logged out at school, which e.g. can lead to the loss of current text changes!
It is therefore better if parents have their own user accounts and then connect with their children via the family function.
Your child should know the password by heart, under no circumstances should the password be noted in the exercise book or the pencil case, as the risk is too great that other students could get the password.
Your child's password should still not be easy to guess, in no case should e.g. a date of birth can be used as a password.
If you suspect that your child's password may have fallen into the wrong hands, please inform a teacher immediately so that it can be changed.
You can also check your child's logins for the past 30 days. To do this, log in with the child's password, go to "User account" and then to "Logins".

Community & Network is a community platform where students can work together on texts, projects and tasks, and there is also the possibility to exchange messages and publish content.
While these functions make it possible to use modern technologies for meaningful collaboration, there is of course also the risk that online disputes could arise between students.
If your child complains about the behavior of other children on the platform, please contact your child's teacher or our support immediately so that the problem can be clarified.
Incidents of this kind are very rare, but we want to clarify any form of inappropriate behavior immediately.
Please read the information on the page "rules". You can also talk to your child about these rules, and the topic may also be discussed in class.
As a parent, you can also use the family function to switch off your child's communication and publication tools.
The philosophy of the platform is not to prevent online communication between students, but rather that the children should learn to use online tools in a sensible and responsible manner.
All students have a profile on, on which they can optionally provide personal information (hobbies, favorite music, etc.).
Pupils have the first name as their profile name as standard, this can be changed as desired. Avoid giving surnames.
Students should only disclose the bare minimum of information about themselves.
If, according to your opinion, your child has disclosed too much information, you can log in with the child's password and change or delete it under "Profile".
Pupils can also upload a profile picture, under certain circumstances this can also be a photo. We advise, however, rather a self-painted picture or e.g. to use the image of a cartoon character.
Parents can also remove profile photos at any time under "Profile".
If parents are connected to their child via the family function, they can also monitor their children's profiles in this way and, if necessary, change or delete information. A profile photo can also be removed in this way.

Help & Contact

If you need help, if you have further questions, if you have suggestions for improvement or if you would like to criticize, please contact our support (via the main menu at the top right).
Thanks a lot!
The team