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oli.lu is not only a work platform for the education sector, but also a community platform and an online network for teachers and students.
In order for the coexistence on this platform to work without any major problems, all users must adhere to the basic rules that you can find on this page.
Updated February 5, 2020.
Every oli.lu member can make suggestions to improve the community rules!
We do not tolerate obscene, pornographic, racist, sexist, violent, or other offensive behavior or content. Each user is responsible for the content that he / she uploads or stores on the platform.
You are not allowed to try to get passwords from other members. If the password of another member is known, this member should be informed immediately, and this should also be reported to the support.
It is not permitted to change or delete content (texts, images, ...) of other members if they leave their computer unattended or if the content can be edited by other users (unless this is expressly stated) desired by the author).
It is not permitted to publish or save information that changes the appearance of the website. It is not allowed to try to insert obscure HTML or script code.

Content, copyrights and trademarks

Be nice, don't write or publish anything malicious or obscene.
Only publish texts and works that you have created entirely yourself, unless their license allows them to be published on this website (public domain, creative commons or other specific licenses). Ask your teacher if you are not sure.
Do not use brand names or e.g. in your texts or works copyrighted images or logos.
No SPAM, SCAM, deliberately wrong information, fraud, or the like ...

Friends & Messages

Please only ask people for online friendship if you really know them (e.g. children from your class or school).
If you want to get in touch with people personally, please use personal messages instead of writing on the microblog (remember that microblog messages can be read by all your friends).


You mustn't try to pretend to be another person. You can change your profile name, but you must never enter the name of another student.
You must never log in with another person's password. If you know someone else's password, please ask them to change their password.
Be nice to other people, do not argue with others, never attack people or groups in any way and do not use this website to publish your political views.
Do not write intolerant posts about nationalities, skin tones, ethnic groups, men / women, religions or sexual preferences. Contributions to racism, bullying, violence or suicide are strictly prohibited and may result in your account being temporarily blocked.
If someone attacks you personally, do not fight back, as this usually only makes the situation worse! It is always better to report the problem to your teacher or to support.


Never publish personal information about another user.
Never publish more personal information about yourself than is really necessary.
It is not allowed to save reports about students or other people on this platform.
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