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You can log in with your username and password in the top right corner.
If you don't have an account yet, you can create a new one if you are at least 13 years old. Note that the minimum age in some countries is 16.
If you are not old enough to create a user account yourself, your parents can create a user account and then allow you access to the platform via the family function.
If your teachers work with, they can also create user accounts for their students (teachers have to make sure that they have the necessary permissions).

My home page

Immediately after logging in, you will see your homepage with the following content:
At the top right you see your name, here is the menu with which you can get to your class, your profile, your user account or your homepage. You can also log out using this menu.
On the left you will find the menu with the most important community functions. Here you will find messages, chat, friends, groups and much more.
In the middle is your microblog, here you can write messages that all your friends can see. Friends can "like", comment or share messages.
Right you will find your virtual class. If you are registered in several classes, there can also be several entries here and you can choose your main class.

My profile

Your profile contains all your personal information, for example your name, your profile picture, as well as information about things you like.
You can change the information in your profile at any time, simply select the "Profile" option in your user menu at the top right.
You can change your name and you can e.g. also give a nickname or a fancy name.
Within your virtual class, only teachers can change your name.
Never give your family name here!
It is not allowed to change your profile name to pretend to be another person!
You can upload a picture or photo as a profile picture.
Never upload a photo of yourself without asking your parents for permission!
It is safest if you paint a picture yourself, or if you e.g. used an icon image.
Your teachers can delete your profile picture via the virtual class.
Your parents can delete your profile picture by using your password.
Inappropriate profile pictures can also be deleted from support.
You can provide further information about yourself, your hobbies, etc.
Always publish an absolute minimum of information about yourself.

My virtual class

Your teachers and your classmates are in your virtual class.You can also find the following web applications here:
  • Texts - Here you can write texts at home or at school, which your teacher can immediately improve online. You can continue working on your texts anytime, anywhere, as they are stored directly in the cloud.
  • Documents & Media - Here are photos and documents of your class, and here you also have a personal folder in which you can save your own documents in the cloud. The teachers in your virtual class always have access to all documents that you save here.
  • Worksheets & Exercises - Here you can generate your own worksheets, and you can also practice them online. Your teachers can also provide you with specific tasks and exercises.
  • Weekly or work plans - If your class is working with work plans, you can see your tasks here, you can see which tasks have already been completed and you can even check off yourself if you have a task completed by a teacher should be improved.
You can find more information on the page "Virtual class".

Learning with the e-learning apps

On there is a whole range of e-learning web apps with which you can create your own worksheets or practice them online.
More information can be found on the page "learning".

friends and classmates

You can find your classmates in the class book of your virtual class under "Class".
You can send a friendship request to your classmates, who can then (but not have to) accept them. Likewise, other members of the platform can also send you a friend request.
Always only send friend requests to people you really know.
Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know.
If you want to know more about another user, click on his name, you will find out e.g. whether this user is a member of your school.

write messages

If you write a message in your microblog, all your friends on will see this message in their own microblog.
If one of your friends wrote a message on in their microblog, you can also see this message.
Friends can "like", share or comment on other members' messages.
Use your microblog to write positive things and to spread interesting information.
It is strictly forbidden to write negative things about other people or to insult other people.
Please read the rules of the platform before using these tools.
If you want to send a personal message to another user, please use the message function (left in the menu on your dashboard).
Do not post personal messages to your microblog as all of your friends can read it.
The platform also offers an online chat where you can chat "live" on various topics with all members of the platform.
The rules of the platform also apply in chat, please read them before you use this tool!

Violations of the rules

Violations of the rules are very rare, but they cannot be ruled out.
If another member of the platform attacks or insults you, please don't start a fight!
Please report the violation to your teacher or support immediately so that we can clarify this.
Members who repeatedly violate the rules risk being banned temporarily.