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Virtual classroom
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Virtual classroom

As a student, you can be a member of a virtual class, which can also correspond to your correct class in school.
You can find your virtual classes after logging in at the top right.
You may be registered in several classes, in which case you can choose your main class.
However, you do not have to be a member of a class to use the basic functions of the platform.
The name of your virtual class is usually the name of your teacher, or the name / number of your team class.
Click on your virtual class to go to your class's web apps.

Advantages of the virtual class

You can write texts at school or at home, which your teachers can then improve or publish directly.
You can download documents and assignments that have been uploaded by your teachers. You can also upload documents yourself and share them with the members of your class.
You can work alone or with your classmates on online projects.
You can read your class's news blog, and if your class has a class website, you can also visit it.
In the class book you may see the subjects, activities, tasks and homework of your class.
If your teachers work with the task tools or the weekly schedules of the virtual class, you can see the status of your tasks as well as your progress here, and you can also tick if you e.g. started or completed a task.
More information can be found on the help pages of the virtual class (see above in the tabs).