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The most important environment on is the virtual class, because teachers and students can manage their texts, documents, tasks and work plans here. In addition, teachers can publish content on the Schoul website via their virtual class.
At the beginning of the school year, all teachers should ensure that their virtual classes are set up correctly and are ready for use.
The most important settings can remain from school year to school year, nevertheless you should check at the beginning of the school year whether all settings are correct.

Your personal virtual class

In most cases, as a teacher, you will use your personal class, which (like your classroom in the real world) always remains.
All you have to do is create a new virtual class on, it will be usable immediately after creation.
After logging in, go to "Virtual Classes" in the menu on the left, and then click on the green "Add" button.
If your school uses the platform, an administrator of your school can also create a class for you, which will then be part of your virtual school.
If other teachers work in your class, you can of course add them to your class.

team or cycle classes

If several classes work together as a team and a common virtual class is desired for the team, then you can also create a class as a team.
Just add a new class and then register all the teachers and students in the class.

At the beginning of the school year you should check the following:

Are my students in my class?
This can be checked in the class register under the tab "Class". If students are missing, you can create them or search and add them on the platform.
If your virtual class is part of a virtual school, you do not normally have to manually enter the students into your virtual class, a school administrator can then easily move the students from one class to another using the "School" web app overtake another.
Are the right teachers in my class?
This can also be checked in the class register under the tab "Class". Missing teachers can simply be added, these teachers then also have access to the class. Teachers who are no longer active in this class should be removed.
Has my timetable been entered correctly?
This can be checked in the class register under the tab "Timetable".
Are the publication settings of my class correct?
This can be checked under "Blog &" Web "under the tab" Settings ". If this class is online (on your own class- Website or on the common school website) want to publish content (news / blog, texts, photos, documents, ...), then the publication must be activated here.