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Virtual classroom
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Virtual classroom

The virtual class is a powerful environment for teachers and students, which offers a whole range of useful web applications for productive everyday school life.
A detailed description of all web apps and functions of your virtual class can be found on the help pages of the virtual class (see in the tabs above).
Before you start working in your virtual class, you should make sure that it is configured correctly.
On your home page (directly after logging in), the list on the right should only show the classes in which you actually work.
You can deactivate classes that you do not currently need.
You can also delete classes that are no longer required. However, keep in mind that all content and documents in the class will be deleted.
The class in which you work most often should be marked as "main class" (this will then be shown larger).

Who has access to my class?

  • All teachers and students who are entered under "Class Book"> "Class" can enter your virtual class.
  • All teachers have the same rights and can see, edit or delete all content created by the students.
  • Students only get their own texts, documents, tasks and work plans (unless otherwise configured).
  • All programs in the virtual class are web applications, i.e. all you need is a web browser on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Optionally, you can unlock computers in your class for your own virtual class, so that students can enter the virtual class and create content even without passwords (however, various functions are not available in this mode).


The virtual class is a powerful tool for storing and managing information, but as a teacher you should only ever specify the absolutely necessary minimum of personal data of the students.
It is not allowed to use the virtual class to store sensitive data (eg internal reports about students) and it is not allowed to save personal data (e.g. phone numbers, addresses, ...) of the students .
If you as a teacher upload photos of students to the platform (whether public or in a protected area), you should definitely get written consent from your parents in advance.