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Worksheets & Online Exercises

With the e-learning web apps on you as a teacher can create individualized worksheets and online exercises for your students.
Most web apps offer two modes - either you print out the task as a worksheet, or the students do the task directly online.
Worksheets are created in PDF format, you can e.g. print, save and copy.
In contrast to most copy templates, it is expressly permitted here to make copies of the worksheets - you can make as many copies of each sheet as you want.
The worksheets are generated dynamically using random generators, i.e. each generated sheet will always contain different tasks.
You can copy an identical worksheet for all students, or you can generate different worksheets for each student.
A correction sheet can be generated automatically for each worksheet, making it very easy to improve the tasks.
Students can do online exercises on the computer, on the tablet, and sometimes even on the smartphone.
Online exercises offer the same setting options as worksheets.
You can save the settings of your exercises either in your personal area or in your virtual class.
Your students can call up saved exercises via your virtual class, with the questions being created each time using random generators.