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Work Plans

In your virtual class, as a teacher you can create work and weekly plans for your students. You can print out the plans and / or manage the tasks directly online.
The work and weekly schedules on greatly simplify the management of differentiated learning environments and thus enable free and open lessons even in more complex situations.
If you print a work plan, then a single PDF document with one page per student will be created. On these sheets, students and teachers can then check how far the tasks have progressed.
But you can also check directly online which tasks a student has started, improved or completed, which has several advantages:
As a teacher you can see at a glance where your pupils are with their tasks.
Students can log in and check off at school and from home when they have completed a task.
Teachers and students can quickly assess how well tasks are progressing.
If you work in a team, several teachers can simultaneously mark progress on their computers, so the team always has an overview of the entire group or class.
Each task can go through up to 5 steps until it is completed: 1. started, 2. completed, 3. improved by the teacher, 4. revised by the student, 5. completed by the teacher.
You can create multiple plans at the same time, and you can e.g. Enter plans with tasks for the coming weeks or months in advance.
Only one plan is always active (current plan), but both teachers and pupils can access older plans at any time.
The creation of new work plans is very easy, even differentiated plans with numerous individual tasks can be set up very quickly.
First you create a new plan, give it a name / number and set the start and end dates.
Then you can edit your plan and add tasks for each subject.
For each task you can decide whether this task should apply to a) all students, b) a specific student or c) a group of students.
You can also decide for each task whether it e.g. needs to be improved or validated.
You can choose icons for each task that the students e.g. tell where the task is (book, worksheet, ...) or where the task should be done (book, book, ...)
You can also enter instructions for each task, which the students can read online and which can also be printed.
For each task you can upload documents which the students can download or which can even be printed with the plan under certain circumstances (PDF, JPEG).
As a teacher, you can create as many groups as necessary, and these groups do not have to be tied to specific subjects.

Teacher Computer

If you want to use work plans and other applications in the class every day, it is practical if the teacher computer on the desk is constantly logged into your virtual class.
There are several ways to make working with the virtual class within your class or school a lot easier - please have a look at the corresponding page: