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The "Calendar" web app offers an individual calendar for your class, it also offers an analog clock and a timer function.


Your calendar shows you an overview of the current school year, whereby the current day green is shown.
As a teacher you can enter holidays and vacation days in the tabs above under "Holidays", which are then displayed in the calendar blue.
If your virtual class is a member of a virtual school, then holidays and vacation days can also be set by a school administrator via the "School" web app for the entire school.
As a teacher you can add entries to your calendar, e.g. to record special activities (excursions, parties, special tasks, tests, ...).
Students can see these entries in the calendar.
In order to create order, you can divide the entries into several calendars / folders, you can add more calenders in your settings of the calendar app.
How to add new entries as a teacher:
Open the "Calendar" web app and click on a day.
Click on a specific hour to add an entry.
Give your entry a name and enter the start and end time.
After saving, your new entry will appear in your calendar.


An analog clock including a second hand is displayed here, which shows the current time.
If the clock does not show the correct time, then the time setting on your local computer is probably wrong, as it is read here.


With the timer you can let the time go back to your specific target date.
You can enter a date and time, or you can use one of the predefined time intervals (e.g. 5 minutes).
The timer independently decides which information should be displayed (days, hours, minutes, seconds).