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The most important environment on is the virtual class, because teachers and students can manage their texts, documents, tasks and work plans here. In addition, teachers can publish content on the Schoul website via their virtual class.
Before you start working in your virtual class, you should make sure that it is configured correctly.
On your home page (directly after logging in), the list on the right should only show the classes in which you actually work.
The class in which you work most often should be marked as "main class" (this will then be shown larger).
At the beginning of the school year, all teachers should ensure that their virtual classes are set up correctly and are ready for use.
The most important settings can remain from year to year, but you should check at the beginning of the school year whether all settings are correct.

class types

Single school class: If you are a teacher in a school class, then you should create your own virtual class (if this was not already created for you if you are a member of a virtual school).
Team class: If several teachers work together with a group of students, then only one common virtual class should be created. Remember that you can add more teachers to your virtual class.
Several school or team classes: If several school classes wanted to use the virtual class, then it is often advantageous to create a virtual school with which all virtual classes are then linked. Virtual classes can then share content, resources and attitudes, pupils and teachers can be moved back and forth between virtual classes, new virtual classes can be created directly from this virtual school and the administration of common school websites and school libraries is considerably simplified ,
Project class: If your class is not a real school class, you can still create a virtual class and use it.

At the beginning of the school year you should do the following:

When you open your own class for the first time, the assistant of this class starts automatically, which allows you to check and if necessary improve all basic settings for this class.
After your class is ready, teachers should check the following:
Are my students in my class?
This can be checked in the class register under the tab "Class". If students are missing, you can add them here later.
If your class is in a virtual school, then it is possible that your students may simply be taken over from another class. In this case, you only have to manually enter those students who are really new to your school.
If your virtual class is not a school class, but e.g. is an online project, students may also be able to register themselves in your class.
Are the right teachers in my class?
This can also be checked in the class register under the tab "Class". Missing teachers can simply be added, these teachers then also have access to the class. Teachers who are no longer active in this class should be removed.
Has my timetable been entered correctly?
This can be checked in the class register under the tab "Timetable".
Are the publication settings of my class correct?
This can be checked under "Blog &" Web "under the tab" Settings ". If this class is online (on your own class- Website or on the common school website) want to publish content (news / blog, texts, photos, documents, ...), then the publication must be activated here.