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The class book gives teachers and pupils an overview of the activities of the week.
Both teachers and students can open the class book, but students do not see the content and information that should only be accessible to teachers.


When you open your class book, you will see the current week and your subjects are entered for each day. The subjects are taken from your schedule - if you have not yet entered it, you should do so now (click on "Schedule" in the class register above).
With the arrows left and right you can scroll through the class book as if it were a normal book.


With the button "assignments" you get to the homework editor, here you can e.g. Write assignments and assignments directly in your class book.
Your students can log into your class at school or from home and then see your entries in the class book.
The class book can replace a "Bichelchen" partially or even completely.


With the class book, you can easily enter the absenteeism of your pupils, and at the end of the trimester you can have the absenteeism (days and / or school hours) of all pupils displayed.
Every day there is a button "Absences" with which you can enter or update the absenteeism.
The color of the button shows the current status of the day:
  • The button is green when all students are present.
  • The button is yellow if one or more students are not present and all excuses have been recorded.
  • The button is red if one or more students are not present and if one or more excuses are still missing.
You can see at a glance whether there are any excuses for the current week missing.
As long as a button is red in a day, you have to remind the students to make an apology.
As soon as all buttons of the week are green or yellow , all excuses are entered correctly.
If a student makes an apology, you can simply click on the day and mark the student as "excused".
Towards the end of the trimester, as a teacher, you can use the "Statistics: Absenteeism" button to display the absenteeism of all students, and you can also generate a PDF document with all absenteeism of all students.
Only teachers can see the absenteeism of the students, the students themselves have no access to this information. In a future version of the platform, students should be able to see their own absences.

students and teachers

With the class book you can manage (add, remove, ...) students and teachers in your class. To do this, click on "Class" at the top of the class register.

Print lists and labels

In the "Class" area you can print lists and labels of your students directly. The files are generated in PDF format and can be easily printed out.


Do your students always find the choice unfair when certain students are selected or when groups or tasks in the class are to be selected?
With the random generator in the "Class" area you can have the students of your class displayed in a random order.
The random number generator offers many other options, it generates e.g. random numbers, letters, dice and also playing cards.

Branches and timetables

You can also enter your subjects and your timetable in the class register.
You should always keep your class schedule up to date, as it can be displayed in several places and may also be used by students and parents.
Your timetable can be displayed ...
  • in the main view of your class book,
  • on your (optional) class website, as well
  • on the (optional) school website.
Also remember that you can specify A / B weeks (as well as other combinations).
The subjects for your class are automatically taken from Scolaria, so you should not enter any additional subjects unless these are actually missing from the list.
In the list of your subjects you can choose which subjects should be used in the individual applications of the virtual class (e.g. the weekly plans). You can switch each subject on or off for each individual application.
The sorting of your subjects is important because this order is also taken into account in all applications of the virtual class (e.g. the weekly plans).

Teacher Computer

If you want to use the class book and other applications in the class every day, it is practical if the teacher computer on the desk is constantly logged into your virtual class.
There are several ways to make working with the virtual class within your class or school a lot easier - please have a look at the corresponding page: