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Virtual classroom

Texts & Workflow

Students and teachers can write texts directly in the virtual class, which has several advantages:
You can work on your texts anytime and anywhere, you just need access to a computer / laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.
Since all text is stored in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about which device you want to save something on, and you can no longer lose text.
You can easily switch back and forth between different computers or devices while you are working on your texts.
Your texts will be backed up automatically, and you can also take "snapshots" manually.
The text editor on is designed as an editorial system, i.e. Teachers and students always have a complete overview of all texts that still have to be edited.
You can find texts very quickly by searching for titles or student names.
As soon as a student has saved a text on a student's computer or at home, the teacher can immediately open this text on his own computer and, if necessary, check or improve it.
Finished texts can be archived automatically or published on the class / school website. Finished texts are also automatically write-protected.
An archive with all texts of all students is created automatically, and both students and teachers can search for texts in this archive again and again.

Working with texts and editorial system

It's easy to write a new text - just click "new" in the text editor and you're good to go. With a click on "save" your text is automatically saved in the database and will be easy to find, you don't even have to enter a name or a destination to save it.
If you are logged in, your text is automatically saved under your name.
If you are on a computer that is activated for your virtual class, you can create new texts without being logged in. You then simply choose your name as the author from the list of members of your class.
The text editor allows you to change fonts and sizes, apply colors and edit the text in many other ways.
The text editor automatically makes regular backups of your texts, and there is also an autosave function. You can also take snapshots of a text manually, e.g. to archive older versions.
A Spellchecker is also integrated, this also supports different languages.
Since all texts are stored in the cloud, you can switch to another computer at any time. As soon as you log in on a device, all your texts are automatically available immediately. Students can therefore easily switch from one computer to another and no longer have to remember which computer they were working on.
As soon as students leave a workplace, they should press the "save & close" button, then the current version is saved and the editor mode is closed. This simply prevents corrections that are made on another computer from being overwritten.
Should it happen that a text is changed and saved from two devices, the text editor offers the possibility to choose the right one between the two alternatives.
Students can of course also write and edit texts from home, and teachers can also improve text from home.
The text editor is a real editing system and you can always see the list of the latest texts on the start page of the web app. If a text is created or saved on a computer, this text automatically moves up in the list. In this way, teachers immediately recognize which texts were last saved.
When a student has finished a text, press "save & close" to save it.
If you open the text editor as a teacher, you will see this text at the top of the list.
As a teacher you can now improve the text, or you can e.g. Mark text passages in color and insert suggestions for improvement in color. After "save & close" the student can then edit and improve the text.
Texts go through several steps in the editing system, and on the editor's home page you only see the texts that are not yet finished.
So you see immediately which texts are not yet finished, and you also immediately see which students still have to work on their texts.
You can assign a status to each text. As soon as a text is marked as "finished", it disappears from the start page and is archived in the finished text. At the same time, the text is locked so that students can no longer edit it (teachers can unlock it at any time).
As soon as the status is set to "published", the text can be published automatically on the class or school website. Teachers and pupils no longer have to manually put their texts online, this can be completely automated.
The text editor offers a whole host of other features, including:
You can specify several students as authors of a text, so several students can also have write rights to a text.
You can copy existing texts into the editor, and you can also export texts. Fonts, colors and other style elements can be partially adopted.
You can also upload pictures at any time, which are then saved under "Documents & Media" (file management).
Texts can be managed in folders.
You can print texts from the text editor or have them converted as PDF documents.
If you print a text as a PDF document, you can also use templates. So you can e.g. Upload a template with the logo of your school to e.g. print official letters with the text editor.
There are separate areas for letters and teacher documents that only teachers can access ("Letters" & "Archive"). Here you can write and manage official documents of your class.
As a teacher you can use interactive tags to e.g. automatically insert date, time, or student name.

Teacher and student computer

If teachers and students want to use the text editor and other applications in the class every day, it is practical if the teacher computer at the desk and possibly even student computers in the class are constantly logged into your virtual class.
There are several ways to make working with the virtual class within your class or school a lot easier - please have a look at the corresponding page: