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Virtual classroom
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On this page you can see all virtual classes of your school, you can also create or add new virtual classes here.
If you add a new virtual class at this point, it will automatically be part of your virtual school and the manual addition of the class is no longer necessary.
You can also add virtual classes to your virtual school that already exist on the platform, but which are not yet connected to your virtual school.
Go to your virtual class and then click on the "School" web app (third web app in the third row).
Select your school in the yellow box "Administration" on the left.
Click on "Classes" above.
Enter the username of the owner of the virtual class in the green box "Add / Search".
Attention: You cannot search for the name of the class here, as there may be a lot of virtual classes on the platform that have similar names.
If you cannot find a virtual class under a certain user name, then this user may only be a teacher in this virtual class, but not the owner. Teachers can see the username of the owner of their virtual class in the settings of the virtual class.
As soon as you have entered the user name, all virtual classes of this user will be displayed.
Now choose the right class to add to your virtual school.
Warning: A selected virtual class does not immediately become part of your virtual school, this must first be confirmed by a teacher in the class.
The status of the virtual class remains pending in your list until the connection has been confirmed by a teacher of the virtual class.
The teacher has to log in on and then choose their class.
On the start page of the class, the connection is suggested directly to the right in the class feed.
The teacher can either agree to or reject the connection.
Once the teacher has approved the connection, the virtual class is connected to your virtual school.