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Several virtual classes can be combined to form a virtual school, which can greatly simplify the exchange of information between these classes.
A virtual school can contain several virtual classes.
Each virtual class can be a member of one or more virtual schools.
However, a virtual class does not have to be a member of a virtual school.

Advantages of the Virtual School

When school administrators create new virtual classes via the virtual school, these classes are immediately automatically connected to the school (and therefore do not have to be added to the school manually).
School administrators can define common holidays and public holidays, which are then automatically transferred to all virtual classes.
School administrators can copy or move all students in a virtual class to another class at once, and they can also remove students from a virtual class.
School administrators can edit or even delete blog entries from virtual classes without having direct access to the corresponding virtual class.
School administrators can define a common document structure for all virtual classes, whereby missing folders can be automatically created in the virtual classes.
If the school has one or more school websites, then this website can be connected directly to the entire school so that all teachers and all virtual classes can publish content on the website.