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The settings of your virtual school usually only have to be made once, otherwise only changes need to be made,
What you should definitely do:
You should correctly enter the name of your school, as this will be shown in all virtual classes.
Enter the email address of an administrator, and you should also provide an emergency email that support can use to contact your school in the event of a technical problem.
If you lose access to your school administration (e.g. if the main admin changes or the standard email cannot be reached), our support can identify you via the emergency email.
Enter the website (s) of your school, these will then be automatically displayed in all virtual classes.
Enter the holidays for the current school year, these will then be automatically transferred to all calendars of your virtual classes.
If your virtual classes work with blogs (possibly also to display content on your school website), you should probably do the following:
Specify global favorites as the storage destination for documents in your virtual classes, so all classes in your school will have a similar file structure and you can avoid chaos and confusion in the file managers of your classes.