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Each virtual school can have one or more administrators.
It is always advantageous to have more than one administrator - if for some reason the main admin does not have access to the platform, another admin can take over the administration of the virtual school.
Attention! Administrators of the virtual school have partial access to all virtual classes of the virtual school, and they can e.g. Change or even remove students and blog entries. So never allow carelessly other users access as administrators of your virtual school.
Do the following to add or delete administrators:
Go to your virtual class and then click on the "School" web app.
Choose your virtual school.
Click on the "Administrators" button in the yellow "Administration" box on the right.
You will now see the list of all current administrators.
Use the green "Add" box to add new administrators.
Use the red button "remove" to remove administrators from the list.
The main administrator is the owner of the virtual school, it cannot be removed by other administrators.
Only the main administrator can change the owner of the virtual school.
If the main administrator no longer has access to his user account for any reason, you must contact support.