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Global favorites & rules

Teachers can freely choose the folder structure in their virtual classes by simply creating new folders.
If all teachers create different (or sometimes even unstructured) folder structures in all virtual classes, then after a short time a big mess can arise.
As a school administrator, you can therefore specify a basic structure for all virtual classes by specifying so-called "global favorites".
Global favorites are orders which are created in the same place in all virtual classes and which are then also specified as standard destinations in the web apps of the virtual class.
How to create global favorites for all virtual classes in your virtual school:
Go to your virtual class and click on the "School" web app.
Choose your virtual school.
Click on the "Holidays" button on the right in the yellow box "Administration".
Above you see 8 lines for the 8 possible global favorites that can be created for each virtual class.
If your virtual school is connected to websites, you can also specify global favorites for all your websites.
Give your favorite a name, e.g. "Tasks", "Projects" or "Activities".
Choose the area of ​​your favorite, e.g. "Documents" or "Public".
Folders in the "Documents" area are automatically password-protected, while folders in the "Public" area are automatically accessible to all visitors to the platform and also to search engines.
Provide the path of your favorite.
In the path you can use the variable "_schoolyear_" to automatically create a subdirectory for the current school year. "_schoolyear_" is then e.g. automatically replaced by "2020_2021", and a new sub-directory is automatically created every year.
Select "AutoGen" if the folders will be created automatically the next time you access a virtual class (recommended).
As soon as you have entered your global favorites, you can go to the file management of your own virtual class, the folders should then be created immediately.