Create your own Apps - III

On this page you'll learn how to publish your completed app on

App hosting & testing

Please remember that we don't offer app hosting services. This means that you'll have to host your app on your own server.

Make sure your server provider guarantees at least 99.9% uptime to ensure that your app will always be available. Apps with too much downtime may get poor ratings or could even be removed if they're causing too much trouble.

Don't forget to test your app on all platforms and browsers.

App icon, description & screenshot

App icons are PNG images. You'll need an app icon in 4 different sizes: 256px, 128px, 64px and 32px.

If you need images for your icon then you may take a look at the crystal icon set.

Your screenshot must be a 500 x 260 px file in JPEG format. This may also be a collage of screenshots and features, plus some rendered text. Make sure it looks acceptable!

Be careful: the app icon represents your app on all screens, an ugly icon (or a bad screenshot or description) will keep users away or may even prevent your app from being approved. Apps with a missing icon, description or screenshot will not be approved at all.

Upload your 4 icons and your screenshot using the developer tools on

Publishing your app on

As soon as your app, your icons and your description are ready you're now able to publish your app on

  1. Create a user account on and log into the site
  2. Enable the developer tools on your account screen
  3. Open the developer screen and click the green "add" button
  4. Enter your app name and shortname, then click the second green "add" button
  5. Your app now appears in the "my applications" list
  6. Click onto the app name in the list to open the app settings
  7. Enter a valid source URL, add your icons and the screenshot, then press the green "save" button
  8. Now set the correct "status" and press the green "save" button once more
  9. As soon as you're setting the status to "public" you'll be able to request an app approval (see below)

You can now run and test your app on, even if it has not been approved yet. But your app will not appear on the site itself unless your app gets approved.

App approval

As soon as you've set your app status to "public/..." you can request an app approval by clicking onto the yellow request button. A new page will open, simply send the mail form to send your request to one of the site administrators.

You should get feedback within 24-48 hours. If your app gets approved then it will appear on the site.

If your app gets rejected then it's generally because you forgot to respect one of the app rules. Make the required changes (you'll find the details in your mail) and re-submit your app approval.


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