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to allow someone to do something
permettre à qqn de faire qqch.
to annoy someone
to answer someone
répondre à qqn
to attract the attention of someone
to blame someone
faire des reproches à qqn
to blame someone to do something
reprocher à qqn de faire qqch.
to call someone
to come from someone
venir de qqn
to count on someone
compter sur qqn
to describe something to someone
décrire qqch. à qqn
to fall in love with someone at first sight
avoir un coup de foudre pour qqn
to forbid something to someone
interdire qqch. à qqn
to give a blow to someone
porter un coup à qqn
to give something to someone
donner qqch. à qqn
to guard someone
garder qqn.
to help someone
aider qqn
to invite someone
to keep someone
garder qqn
to kill someone
tuer qqn
to kiss someone
to knock at someone's door
an die Tür von jemandem klopfen
frapper à la porte de qqn
to lend something to someone
prêter qqch à qqn
to look like someone
ressembler à qqn
to make a beeline for someone
to make jokes to someone
faire des farces à qqn
to make fun of someone
se moquer de qqn
to meet someone
to phone to someone
to play a trick on someone
jouer un tour à qqn
to please someone
plaire à qqn
to point a gun at someone
braquer un revolver sur qqn
to promise something to someone
promettre qqch. à qqn
to promise someone to do something
promettre à qqn de faire qqch.
to pull someone out of the bed
aus dem Bett ziehen
tirer du lit
to return something to someone
remettre qqch.à qqn
to send vor someone
to show something to someone
montrer qqch. à qqn
to smile at someone
sourire à qqn
to suggest something to someone
proposer qqch. à qqn
to take care of someone
prendre soin de qqn.
to take care of someone
s'occuper de qqn
to talk about someone
parler de qqn
to tell someone to do something
dire à qqn de faire qqch.
to tell the future to someone
dire l'avenir à qqn
to think of someone
penser à qqn
to threat someone
to torment someone
peinigen, plagen
to turn one's back on someone
tourner le dos à qqn
to twist someone around one's finger
to warn someone
to write to someone
écrire à qqn
to ask someone about something
demander qqch. à qqn
to ask someone to do something
demander à qqn de faire qqch.
to be interested in someone
s'intéresser à qqn
to be scared of someone
avoir peur de qqn
to get something from someone
obtenir qqch. de qqn
to go in search of someone
partir à la recherche de qqn
to go to someone
se rendre chez qqn
to hug someone
to say goodbye to someone
dire au revoir à qqn
to say hello to someone
dire bonjour à qqn
to see someone
to see someone again
revoir qqn
to see someone come
to see someone come